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It’s time to open the box


​ ​ Free and Open IfcToolbox is a .Net kit of simple tools for processing IFC files. It provides tools to optimize, convert, split, relocate and anonymize IFC files easily. Based on open-source libraries like Xbim and IfcOpenShell. IfcToolbox is one of the proposals in openBIM Marketplace – buildingSMART Technical. Thank you all for ❤️ IFC Toolbox and bring IFC Toolbox to buildingSMART...

IFC Validator, a simple tool for IFC quality control


The Story For a long time, I have been searching something to do the quality control for IFC files and the validation to verify IFC files by a way of algorithm other than a human visual check. This idea starts with my post in October 2020, To be standardized: extra efforts for entering the BIM processes. – BIM Mars. I have done a lot of research about how to automate the human visualization...

To be standardized: extra efforts for entering the BIM processes.


Convention BIM is the standard that the industry should follow when connecting various subcontractors to carry out the same project. But in many cases, although each subcontractor has completed their actual work content, they do not follow specific work guidelines due to different work habits, which will cause certain troubles for BIM managers and project partners. However, in accordance with the...

IFC Explore


1. How to exchange BIM information? By definition, BIM supports the various missions of the different players to work together with the various software along the life cycle, in order to optimize performance and project quality, reduce project costs, shorten project cycles and improve operational maintenance. Make easy, BIM is an efficient working system. So, how to exchange information in a...

Simulation energetic – the Green BIM


1. Green building & BIM in 21st century The development of architecture has always accompanied the development of human civilization. From “De architectura” to digital fabrication architecture, from classicism to postmodernism, construction methods and architectural styles have gone through significant changes. In the 21st century, the concept of Sustainable Development and Green...

Hard BIM, Easy Talk


Hola mis amigos, I have been spent two weeks for this article. I hope it will be a good one. As I said, we need to talk a little bit about the hard of BIM. Not only for the difficulty we already had, but also for really thinking about why it appeared. So, let’s begin the easy talk for the hard BIM. I’m not a history buff, but time has taught us a lot. So, let’s take a look into the history...

BIM, Dream Big


1. What is BIM ? What is the Dream of BIM I have been thinking for a long time to write a page of « What is BIM ? ». But truth is that it’s too much large for a beginning topic. So let’s begin with a simple word, Dream. Someone once told me that dream is for children, we got reality for adults. Honestly, I want to deny it. But, in fact, in the construction field, I heard it every single...

BIM Mars, from Oppy to Curiosity


Intro Hello earthman, here is the first message from BIM Mars. I’m Yousheng WANG, the creator of this blog. I spent 4 years studying Civil Engineering at Wuhan University in China. Then I came to France in 2016 and graduated from ESTP(École Spéciale des Travaux Publics) in Paris two years later. Now I am a BIM developer at WIZZCAD. The subject of my job is the digitization of construction and...


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