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IfcToolbox is a .Net kit of simple tools for processing IFC files. It provides tools to optimize, convert, split, relocate and anonymize IFC files easily. Based on open-source libraries like Xbim and IfcOpenShell.

IfcToolbox is one of the proposals in openBIM Marketplace – buildingSMART Technical. Thank you all for ❤️ IFC Toolbox and bring IFC Toolbox to buildingSMART International Summit 2021.

IfcToolbox is a FREE software for support OpenBIM.

The IfcToolbox GUI App is designed for No-Code users and to provide a better user experience.


Microsoft Store

Download IFC Toolbox from Microsoft Store

Sideload Package

If you cannot install directly from Microsoft Store, you can use the sideload package to install IFC Toolbox in your PC. The detailed process can be found here.

Story of IfcToolbox

Sometimes, this world is divided.

It is not only the shining stars that matter. ✨

I heard people talking about digital twins, but at the same time, I saw people working hard to align the models of two different coordinate systems. I have seen many new features of BIM’s 4D, 5D and 6D, but I saw that there are still people looking for ways to compress IFC files just to add them to email attachments. Even when we were talking about artificial intelligence liberating human repetitive work, we were also manually deleting information one by one in order to submit an anonymous model for a design competition.

When we are imagining the future and working hard to innovate, there are still many very basic problems that appear repeatedly in many people’s daily work. I still hear many people say that IFC is difficult to use, difficult to import and export, it’s time-consuming. Struggle for the most basic basic basic tasks.

For me BIM is not about being fancy, we should provide everyone with the same data accessibility. It’s should be simple and easy.

For that, IfcToolbox was created.

Cause we see the stars✨, we also see the ground.

Tools in the box

  • IFC Optimizer – Reduce the size of large IFC files by optimizing the IFC resource layer instance, and eliminate floating-point offsets through FPR geometric optimization.
  • IFC Converter – Easily convert IFC to OBJ(.obj), Collada(.dae), STEP(.stp), IGES(.igs), XML(.xml) and SVG(.svg).
  • IFC Splitter – Split IFC files by type/container (site, building, level) or simply split selected objects in the hierarchy.
  • IFC Relocator – Relocate the IFC world coordinate system and the project coordinate system. Align the origin of the two models.
  • IFC Anonymizer – Anonymous user-related information and specific product-related information. Simplify model submission in bidding activities or design competitions.


IFC Toolbox is part of OSArch Community, you can find more technical details in our monthly meetup recording here

For quick intro of IFC Toolbox you can found this short video for Speckle Connect! 2021

And Javad Hamidi from our community made this first tutorial video for IFC Toolbox

Open for BIM


Each tool’s source code in IFC Toolbox is open resourced.


Co-Translation of IFC Toolbox GUI App is driven by our community.


Support us

IFC Toolbox GUI App is a free software, if you like it, please consider:

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GPL-3.0 License © 2021 Yousheng Wang


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